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Some of the goodies included in this 21 day email program

For enquiries call/whatsapp 91-9176085865

Right Body for you tools

Learn to eliminate judgments and start loving your body

Honor your body
Communicate with your body with the energy of gratitude
Boost your immune system
Happy hormones, endocrine system in harmony!
Eliminate pain
Detoxification processes
 Be more flexible by dropping rigid and fixed points of views
Change your relationship with food and develop conscious eating practices!


Drop judgments, drop weight!
Commune with Earth and Earth Elementals
Rejuvenate and become more radiant and vibrant
Invite Ease Joy & Glory to your body!
Vitalizing health energy ball meditation
Activating all the above and much much more in this 21 day email program through tools, clearings, alchemy processes, home play and a clearing loop every day to continue the shifts!

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Classes offered - Money, Business, Relationship, Fountain of Youth classes, Weight Loss classes, Talent Enhancing classes, Vision Correction and many more based on Access Consciousness tools! - Dates to be confirmed       
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