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Access Vision Correction

Enhance your Inner vision along with your Physical Vision!


As we know, science tells us that everything

is energy and everything is connected

energetically. This energetic process

developed by Gary Douglas of Access

Consciousness works on the molecular and

cellular structure of the eyes. It accesses and

activates over 10 potent bandwidth of energy

frequencies that facilitates the release of

emotions and pain the eyes might have witnessed and stored cellularly, dissipates past belief systems, releases traumatic experiences to the eyes such as being exposed to bright light or any form of eye surgery or wearing contact lenses.  These high vibrational energies invite the cellular structure to not only heal, rejuvenate and renew the physical eyes but also promotes increased awareness and transforms how you see the world.


After a series of these treatments you will find the health of your eyes and your vision changing. 

My personal experience is that it relieves me of the eye fatigue from being in front of the computer for prolonged time!


Leave you with these generative questions:- 

How willing are you to see how brilliant  you are?

How willing are you to choose to see the brilliance in everything and everybody?

What are you unwilling, unable or refusing to see that if you would see it would give you ease with your vision? 

Access Consciousness correcting vision chennai india
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