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Some of the goodies included in this 21 day email program

For enquiries call/whatsapp 91-9176085865

Three weeks of emotional spring cleaning with Access Consciousness tools, processes/clearings, homeplays, meditative exercises relevant graphics/comic strip graphics, daily audios 

Clear invisible emotional blocks and self-destructive patterns from your energetic blueprint, so you can experience life from a high-vibration state.
Go from stressed out to blissed out!
One potent Access body process to release stored emotions from your organs and your body ! Did you know that stored emotions affect various organs in your body?
Uncouple from the Distractor Implants and go from Reactive to Proactive and Creative!
Stop living in your head with Anxiety and Worry and start living in the present moment!
Release the stored grief and any past trauma that creates disharmonic patterns from your cells
Eject all paralysis caused by fear from your physical system and be the vibration of courage!
Break free from the cage and the JAILS of Abuse 


Empowering you to move beyond any addictive or compulsive behavior.
Playing with Access Energy flows to have Ease, Joy and Glory in connecting with different types of people so as to feel not overwhelmed or drained!
Release stored fat by releasing the density of heavy emotions
De-Activating all the dense and lower emotions that keeps you stuck and activating lighter and higher harmonics of Joy, Peace, Gratitude, Harmony & More!
Being a Lighter You, a more Joyful You & a Better You is just 21 days away! 
The energy processes work even if you listen in a future date! HDIGABTT? WEIP?

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Classes offered - Money, Business, Relationship, Fountain of Youth classes, Weight Loss classes, Talent Enhancing classes, Vision Correction and many more based on Access Consciousness tools! - Dates to be confirmed       
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