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Wealth Creation Tools

Be the Abundance Alchemist and Increase your wealth thermostat!


True wealth in which you experience prosperity

and richness in all areas of your life – finances,

relationships, work, career and physical well-being

with ease, flow and abundance.


Inside all of us is infinite potential. Your sub-

conscious programs are stopping You. We all have

sub-conscious ideas that have soaked in whenever

you heard them repeated. If you've ever heard

your parent's speaking about money or life from a place of you have to 'work' hard or "Money is the root of all evil." These ideas could have soaked in creating an internal LIMIT to how much money you can have. Have you ever thought that you might have an internal LIMIT to how much money you can have? Are you willing to release the imprints you inherited as programs from your parents, society and religion across many lifetimes?


What energy space and consciousness can you and your body be to be the space of money you truly be for all eternity? 


Did you know that Consciousness incudes money while Spirituality excludes it"  Anything you separate from is a limitation. Every wall, dam, fortress that 

you have constructed over several lifetimes that obstructs  you from receiving the money, wealth and abundance the Universe wishes to gift you,  will you now  deconstruct and demolish those structures utterly and absolutely?

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