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Thanks for visiting my page and your interest in choosing Consciousness! How does it get any better than that?
The mantra of Access is 'All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory’!
What if everything in your life could come with ease, joy and glory? 


I am an Access Consciousness Bars Chennai Facilitator ( Whatsapp: 9176085865),  Access Consciousness  Certified  Miracle Worker ( CFMW), Energetic Access Face Lift Chennai,  Relationship Facilitator,  Weight Loss Facilitator ,  Fountain of Youth Facilitator located in Mylapore, Chennai, TamilNadu, India.


For over a decade I had an inner quest to know what is beyond this reality...
I am immensely grateful for the energies and teachings of Reiki, Merkaba, Magnified healing, Platinum Ray, Mahatma Meditation, Kriya Yoga, ShivYog Sanjeevani, Siddha Shambavi, Advanced Shambavi Healing and Advanced Srividya meditation, Angel therapy along with Tarot card and Oracle card reading , for gifting me the awareness to choose Access Consciousness a powerful Energy transformation system that is continuously creating greater possibilities for expanding my Consciousness. 

Introduction to Access BARS along with the alchemical process of Molecular De-manifestation and De-Molecular Manifestation were Aa-ha moments for me . 
Foundation, Level 1, 2 & 3 expanded my awareness every step and in combination with several Body processes which work at a cellular and molecular level, the shifts in energy I am perceiving and receiving are profound..

The abundance of free tools, processes, tele-calls and videos of Access Consciousness available on the web are such a gift to anyone who is interested in knowing more. 
Infinite gratitude to Gary Douglas and Dain Heer, the Founders of Access Consciousness for these simple yet dynamic tools!

Access Consciousness Bars is an amazing Consciousness tool that would promote us functioning from choice instead of past programming by releasing stuck energies! It is like deleting old files off your computer! We have more space to create something new and wonderful with more up to date tools and it is just like having the most updated software version! 

What if Access Consciousness Bars could be a SPA for your being? What if you allowed yourself the gift of receiving by being in gratitude for every molecule in the Universe and your very own 'You'niverse? 


If it ‘s light for you and vibrationally resonates with you, you could consider signing up for an Access BARS class, an Access Energetic Facelift, Access Body process (Energy Healing), Money, Right Relationship for you class and experience the Energy, Space and Consciousness you truly be!

Rajeshwari (Raji) Raaman


Classes conducted at

Mylapore, Chennai
Tel: 91-44-42658110/91-9176085865

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