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Earth Communion and Contribution 

"You, Your Body and The Earth: Your Choice For Change"


The first body process creates new possibilities for

connection and embodiment on this Earth. 

It will assist you in having less pain in your body,

less environmental sensitivities (including seasonal

allergies, food allergies, chemical allergies etc) and

it will facilitate you into having more FUN, EASE,

and JOY with your body. Basically, what it does is

actually reconnects you and your body to the

resonance of the Earth.


Running these process on bodies will give the following benefits:
- Pain relief (mental/physical/emotional)
- More awareness into nature's and earth's requirements
- Ease with life on earth


The second process is how you can contribute to the Earth. We have done a whole lot to take from the earth and consume the earth, but not a whole lot to contribute to it. What if we become stewards of the planet instead of consumers of the planet?

What possibilities for you and the earth are you now capable of that you are not yet generating, creating, & instituting?


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