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access consciousness bars chennai bars class

Access Consciousness Bars class

Rewire your Brain Circuitry!


What would your computer’s hard drive be like if

you never emptied the trash or unwanted programs?

Less Space, less speed and less functionality!


The human head serves as the hard drive for the

body it rests upon. What if you could empty the

energy trash from your head by simply running

energy on your BARS regularly? In class, we learn a

hands-on energy process that activates 32 points on your head. These points are where you store the electrical components of all your thoughts, feelings, emotions, points of view, beliefs, conditioning and anything else that’s locking you up in life.

Activating these points is like going into the hard drive of your brain and It is like de-fragging your brain (the biological computer of your body) to reach it’s optimum potential so it deletes all the cluttered files that are stopping you from having the life you KNOW is truly possible. Running your Bars, reboots the mind wiping off beliefs, conditioning and programming that you have been storing life time after life time. The more we delete, the more space there is in you and you begin to receive more from the Universe and start creating more in your life through Consciousness.

Some of the bars which correspond to the various aspects of our lives include: Creativity; Money; Power; Healing; Communication; Aging; Peace and Calm; Control; Sadness & Joy; Body.As these energy disturbances are cleared we can more easily maintain health. Life begins to flow more smoothly, you perceive a new clarity, and different choices with multitude of possibilities show up.


Effects of running BARS regularly : -

· Increased metabolism                        · Better Sleep

· Health and Wellness                           · Money and Abundance

· Improved relationships                      · Inner Joy and Internal Harmony

· Students perform better in exams   · Personal Empowerment


What if you could unlearn what have been programmed to believe since birth? That software no longer serves you if you want to live in a Space of infinite possibilities where all things are possible . So What else is possible for you, your life and the planet?


For info on the next Bars class : please email your interest to Phone: 91-9176085865


May All of Life come to you with Ease, Joy & Glory!

Raji Raaman

Access Consciousness Bars Chennai
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