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Cellular Memory & Trauma Release

Cut the ties of the past from your cellular structure
Rejuvenate your cells with the Vibration of ease and joy!

Your body's cellular Structure can store the memory

of physical trauma like accidents, cuts, bruises, 

surgeries, or abuse; emotional trauma like heartache,

fear, built and anger and mental trauma that

manifests in low self-esteem, unworthiness, worry,

etc. When trauma is suppressed into the cellular

memory, that energy can get stuck. The problem with

suppressed cellular memory is not only does it limit our ability to live freely and joyfully in life but it can also support the body in developing physical illness.


Did you know that you can actually talk to your cellular structure and it will hear you? When you run these processes on your body, the waves move through your body in a vibratory way transforming, transmuting and super-charging your cells.



Interesting fact: There have been movies made about organ transplants in which the person receiving new organs found themselves having new behaviors or interests or likes they had never previously had.  The person who had died whom the organ originally belonged to were known to have those behaviors, interests or likes. What would it take to access cellular memory and return it to its original acoustic state?



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