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Enhanced Flexibilty

Joy of movement with ease!


The first process can undo the stiffness and lack

of flexibility. As people get older, they create their

bodies as less flexible and lock up their bodies to

create aging. How fluid and flexible are the bodies

of most old people?

Could it be that their fixed points of view are being

reflected in the lack of flexibility in their bodies?

This process will give you the flexibility to handle

everything with ease.

The second process brings relaxation to overworked or exhausted muscles. People with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome can apply this process to bring relief. It can also be of great assistance for dancers who have overworked their muscles, singers who have overworked their voice.

Basically, this process is very helpful for anyone who has muscles that are tight, tied up or won’t relax. 

What would it be like if you could have more ease, flexibility in your body, mind and spirit?
What would it be like if your body could be and move more youthfully?
What if you and your body could live every day in joyful communion?



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