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21 daysof magical weight loss with ease,
Some of the goodies included in this 21 day email program

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Processes to make you & your body team mates!


Boost your Metabolism 


Drop judgments, drop weight

Bust fat genes!
Clearing past life energy related to carrying extra weight
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Remap your relationship with food
Addressing Eating disorders and developing conscious eating practices!
Unlock holding patterns
Detoxification processes to accelerate weight loss
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Balancing hormones energetically 
Clearing pathways to obesity


Movement and Weight Loss
Negotiate  and commune with your body with the energy of gratitude
Access Body Process to turn on weight loss
Weight loss with ease, joy and glory!
Activating all the above and much much more in this 21 day email program through tools, clearings, alchemy processes, home play and a clearing loop every day to continue the shifts! Yours to keep permanently in your inbox for future reference
Yes, I choose to invest in 21 days to access weight losswith EJG!
Invest in INR
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Classes offered - Money, Business, Relationship, Fountain of Youth classes, Weight Loss classes, Talent Enhancing classes, Vision Correction and many more based on Access Consciousness tools!
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