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Access Emotional Healing Process

With Bach Flowers, the Divine Physicians!


So how much has your body become the toxic

dumping ground for for all your suppressed

and repressed emotions and feelings? How

much is it the storage zone for all the worlds

woes and density? What would it take to bathe

your body in the liquidity of consciousness and

lighten the load?


The more unresolved emotional issues you can

clear, the more peace and emotional freedom you will have in your life. Consciousness is the most potent force in the World. Just remember to embody gratitude and joy whenever you feel resistance.


This Access Process allows you to release all the emotional intensities that you have stored in your body and clears your energy fields of heavy emotional density.


Whats the value of holding on to the trauma, drama and intrigue of life?


Access Verbal clearings enhance the clearings coupled with the prime tool of Access  "Who does this belong to?". 

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