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Pain Busters

Healing Dimensional Realities and Positional HEPADS!


If you would like to unlock some of the programs

that continually recreate illness, disease and

discomfort in your body and if you have times

where you have finally decided on something

and then in the next moment you are totally

back to confusion again, Reciprocating

dimensionalities may be at work, This body

process will help you to find greater freedom,

health and well being. If you have a disease in another reality in that body, it will reciprocate in this body and create the same. They have this reciprocating thing going on where it creates a limitation that's not supposed to be able to be broken. It can clear the remnants of postures from other times, space, dimensions, and realities which cause pain in your body.


These processes are amazing for shifting what is experienced in the body as pain and disease that doesn't go away or get better with other treatments.  People who sense intense neck and back pain are prime candidates for receiving these processes.


Another thing Douglas has discovered can contribute to pain in your body is something called positional HEPADs. HEPAD is an acronym for handicaps, entropy, paralysis, atrophy and destruction. Whenever we take a fixed position, a fixed point of view, on anything, it sets into play these positional HEPADs.


Would you be willing to go on the adventure of consciousness that pain is inviting you to? 


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