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Changing solidities of Time and Matter

Beyond the Matrix of Time, Matter and Dimension


Do the following statements feel light or heavy to you?

* Time is a Human construct

* Everything you think about time is distorted

* Your adversarial relationship with time leads to



If you got a heavy, read further-

Time, dimensions, and realities are creations.

So is matter. To create, time or matter you must have a

decision, a judgment, or a conclusion. Energy and space just are

Time is the misidentification and misapplication that the rotation of the earth is the creation of time. Consciousness is the material that creates the energy, and with the energy and the space it generates possibilities.


How much of your body is being controlled, contained, and limited by the integral pernicious elements of time, dimension, and reality you have

locked into it? 

What if you functioned from energy space and consciousness of an infinite being rather than the space of matter, time, and dimensions?

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