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Some of the goodies included in this 21 day email program

Release Debt, scarcity mindset and reset your vibration to Prosperity Consciousness

Changing your relationship with business by dismantling judgments, limiting beliefs and fear!
Ideas Book to create magic in your business!
Molecular Communing with your creations and your business
Generating, Creating & Instituting Magic in Your Business and create multiple projects with multiple revenue streams
Conscious business practices as a steward of the earth and asking for the Earth's energy to contribute to your business!
Exponentialize your money magic and business miracles tools with morning & evening Generative questions
Business, quantum entanglements and Ingredients for Business Success!


Exponentialize your money magic and accelerate your business miracles tools!
Invite ease, joy and abundance to your business by doing Business from expanded zone of awareness!
Thriving business energy ball meditation and Energy flows and energy pulls for pulling in clients/contributors/ Create more clients or bigger classes
Activating all the above and much much more in this 21 day email program through tools, clearings, alchemy processes, home play and a clearing loop every day and a potent master clearing loop after the final 21 days to continue the shifts!

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Classes offered - Money, Business, Relationship, Fountain of Youth classes, Weight Loss classes, Talent Enhancing classes, Vision Correction and many more based on Access Consciousness tools! - Dates to be confirmed       
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