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Some of the goodies included in this 21 day email program

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 Unplugging from poverty consciousness and scarcity mindset!

Changing your relationship with money by dismantling judgments, limiting beliefs and fear around money!
Phrases and words to eliminate from your vocabulary that restricts your cash inflows and to be aware of the language in money creation
How to ask for wealth and abundance the Universe has been waiting to gift you!
How to exponentialize your receiving with the potency  of the five elements of intimacy with money!
Communing with the Earth, Elementals, Nature Spirits and your Team mates to contribute to your wealth thermostat!
Raising your vibrational frequency to be compatible with money, gold, silver, diamonds and platinum and other precious gems and be a contribution to the world by being cash-rich!
Become a money magnet with the energy pull tool from the abundant magnanimous Universe!
Generate, create and institute money magic with the golden energy ball exercise and claim your potency as the money magician!