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Access Weight Loss

Drop your judgments, Drop your weight!


What if the change you haven’t been able to

create with your body is based on your judgments

and fixed points of view?


Science tells us that we are 99% space and 70%

water, that’s not malleable and changeable based

on what? What if everything including your weight

could change easily and effortlessly and all you

had to do was change the energy? Are you willing to release the weight you’ve been holding onto by reprogramming your body’s energetic blue print? What would it be like to change your reality so that you can have a nurturing, caring, kind and expansive relationship  with your body?  Would you be willing to explore the possibilities?


In this class you will learn how to stop taking on other people’s energy and carrying that as extra weight and also to let go of the weight of the world that you are carrying in your body!

You would also earn how to treat your body as a homeopathic, work with specific gavities, address the space between the molecules and cells and open up them up to the joy of embodiment. 


What generative energy, space, and consciousness can you and your body and I be that would allow it to release all the judgments you have locked into it for all eternity?









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