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Trauma and Pain Release

Experience the ease and flow in your body!


Are you circling around the same events like a loop

or a repeated pattern?  Our energy field can

develop various blockages by holding on to old

wounds and trauma creating cellular post traumatic

memory in the body. This can be viewed as a

scrambled interference signal creating a

disruption in our bioenergetic system.


When we release the old belief systems, programs 

and cellular imprints that are lodged in our energy fields, we can then download a higher vibrational frequency in its place. 


This  series of Access Body Processes undoes the cumulative effects of trauma on the body, helps let go of the looping mechanisms that lock shock and trauma in place, addresses the neural synaptic response systems. Trauma, pain and limitation are replaced by the new upgraded vibrational frequency of freedom, health and lightness of being. 



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