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Beyond Genetics

Busting Genetic Limitations!


Are you willing to be the magic and the potency

with empowering your body to heal, to change

and to not have to be at the effect of genetics

and environment any longer? Then these two

processes  will assist you in changing the

internal and genetic programming of your body. 


The Biomimetic body process is about

eliminating all the places where we copy or

mimic other people’s realities, problems, body issues, diseases, etc. This would include everything we have identified as genetic traits and diseases as well as what we have picked up from family, friends and society. By eliminating the biomimetic mimicry we can stop functioning on automatic pilot and automatic response systems and have more choices to create our lives the way we truly desire. If you don't create the genetic mimicking there is a space that is available to create something entirely different beyond genetics and family history.


What if you could eliminate and eradicate all of the genetic imprinting from your body ?

What energy, space and consciousness could you be to change and transform your DNA with ease by tapping into your cellular consciousness?

Would an infinite being function based on Genetics?

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