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Thymus Activation

Turbo-charge your healing power! 


This can be run when the body needs more

energy and to help increase your awareness.

The thymus gland is part of your immune

system until you hit puberty, and then it "turns

off". It's a vestigial organ. After you've done

this process, the thymus gland will start to

activate again and support your physical body. 

Once the thymus is reactivated, it will begin to

handle the viruses and microbes that your

body has not been able to handle in the past.

The Thymus will start to generate and become stronger. It is the center from which we gain energy. 


The second process allows you to bypass the the electrical component of your reality and assists you in moving into the vibrational wavelength of your acoustical being.


Awareness is an acoustical vibration; judgment is an electrical ibration.

What if our bodies vibrtationally resonates with Oneness rather than this electrical reality? Would eliminitaing polarities created by the electrical vibrations promote healing in your body?

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