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Detoxification processes

Molecular Magic with liquids and solids!


Process 1: What if the foods you eat can

always be vibrationally compatible with

your body and what if you have the

capacity to raise the vibration in water? 

This process can be run on food and

water to change the structure and

eliminate the toxins and heavy metals in

it that can cause allergies and cancer in

the body. It can be run on the body to eliminate arthritis, tumors or any condition where something extra that is not required needs to go away.   . 


Process 2: This process works on the lymph and glandular system – primarily linked to the ears, hearing and sinus congestion problems.  It invites the body to clear the blocked lymphatic system and ease allergies.


Process 3: This special process can be run on people who have been exposed to radiationt (is particularly useful for those affected by radiation in Japan) , X-rays or undergoing chemotherapy. It can be be run on foods exposed to radiation like seafood, nutritional supplements containing fish oil. What else might be possible with this process? 

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